National Battery Day is on February 18th and to celebrate - here are 10 fun facts about batteries that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Americans buy roughly 3 BILLION batteries per year.

  2. The first battery was invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. The term “volt” is named after him.

  3. Since fruit can produce an electronic current, you can turn it into a “battery”. You can even conduct an experiment to see which one produces the most current.

  4. No matter its size, each battery has only 4 components. A positive & negative electrode, electrolyte and a separator.

  5. You can safely recharge disposable alkaline batteries. A specialized device like this one can take some of the leftover power in your alkaline batteries to give it a second life.

  6. There’s a battery powered electric bell at The University of Oxford that has been ringing since 1840!

  7. The materials in vehicle batteries are the most recycled consumer product worldwide.

  8. The energy that is required to create one fully charged battery is 50 times more than the energy the battery itself has.

  9. Tesla’s energy storage system is made up of many batteries and weighs roughly 900 pounds!

  10. The country with the largest lithium reserves, used to make lithium-ion batteries, is Chile.

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