Whether you believe in global warming or think it's a hoax (which to us is a no brainer looking at the world around us) - It's undeniable our impact on the environment. Plastic in our oceans, rising global temps, air pollution, and more! But what can we do to stop the damage? How can we take meaningful action and focus on “Restoring Our Earth”? Changing one thing at a time has a big impact. 


To start, let’s look at how normal disposable batteries affect the environment.

  1. Overfilled landfills due to improper battery disposal – did you know that you’re supposed to recycle your batteries with a battery recycling facility? Never throw them in the trash!
  2. Contaminated water supply – batteries leak chemicals that can contaminate ground water and enter our water supply.
  3. Mining of nonrenewable resources – batteries are made of heavy metals and minerals that are limited resources.

An estimated 3 billion disposable batteries are purchased every year in the US alone. One report titled Household Universal Waste Generation in California stated that out of 507,259,000 batteries purchased, only 0.55% of these batteries were recycled in 2001. That's a lot of waste! Now ten years later, we have a larger population and rely on our technology more now than ever before.

Recharging your batteries puts two of the Three R’s into focus – reduce and reuse. Recharging your batteries with a battery recharger like this one can:

  • Save money: Recharging batteries turns a single use item you spent money on and gives them new life! Depending on the battery type, you can get up to 1,000 uses out of a single battery investment.
  • Conserve nonrenewable resources: Limiting the need for creating as many new batteries means that we use less of our nonrenewable resources! Using these resources at a slower rate means that future generations can enjoy them.
  • Protect the environment: Most batteries contain toxic chemicals including corrosive materials. When old batteries are sent to landfills, these toxins can leak into the surrounding environment, contaminating ground water, damaging ecosystems, and even make their way onto our plates. The chemical leakage can also trigger underground explosions that result in the materials around them catching fire and releasing methane into our atmosphere.
  • Protect human health: There are serious health risks for those living within close proximity to a landfill. The leaching of chemicals, landfill fires, and contamination of soil and water greatly affect the surrounding underprivileged communities. Residents of these communities often report illnesses such as flu, eye irritation, respiratory issues, body aches and weakness.

Batteries have become so engrained in our lives, that we take them for granted, just as a lot of us do with our planet. Making little changes is better than not changing at all. Devices like battery rechargers let us control the controllable and take action to do our part. So, do Mother Earth a favor, and recharge your batteries.

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